Our Services

Our services include both volunteer and paid consultations with parents, students, teachers, administrators and service providers, school systems, individual schools, professional groups, and others. The services include workshops and training in teaching executive function skills, direct services to students, preschool, post-secondary and advocacy, etc. We work closely with professional organizations to provide conference presentations, and posters, and serve on organization committees and boards. We have a strong commitment to getting the word out about the need to address executive functioning issues to help prevent academic and behavioral issues and see that as our mission. We advocate for all students, including those with disabilities.

The idea behind the Institute on Executive Functioning™® is to enhance the executive functioning skills of students before any deficits have a negative effect on the student academically and behaviorally. We feel summer executive functioning camps are very important for students and offer consultation for planning and implementing such camps.

In addition, we conduct customized executive function skill workshops to train teachers, paraeducators, school psychologists, counselors, social workers, parents, etc. in the 7-Step Model for strategic strategy instruction and practical strategies for students grades K through post-secondary. The workshops emphasize assessing student executive function needs, student goal setting, the development of a student game plan, explicit strategic instruction, data collection and analysis, and a student success plan.

We assist post-secondary students and their families as they work with Disability Offices on campus to explain and document their needs to attain the accommodation for success in college.