Your Home for Executive Functioning Training

At the Institute on Executive Functioning™®, we are dedicated to helping students reach academic and behavioral success. Contact us today to learn about our executive functioning workshops, and more. Operating since 2007, we have dedicated our efforts to help teachers, education service providers, and parents work with students exhibiting executive function skill deficits. Our primary goal is to prevent children from reaching the downward spiral (Strosnider & Sharpe, 2019, p. 10), which occurs when, regardless of academic interventions, the child continues to not meet with success. This often results in the child having low self-esteem, a defeated attitude, and an unwillingness to attempt tasks. Executive function skill training provides the child with the independent skill set needed to complete everyday tasks successfully. The Institute on Executive Functioning™ skill training camps and coaching sessions provide children with strategies to help them reframe the Downward Spiral and meet with academic and social-emotional success.