“As the Resource Teacher, Exceptional Student Education, Trainer and Professional Developer for Orange County Public Schools Supplemental Services I had the privilege to Introduce Roberta and Val’s “Train the Trainer Professional Development: Executive Function Skill Training for Teachers that Support Students with Disabilities, K-12” to my cohort which included, Administrators, Resource Teachers, Speech and Language Pathologists, Psychologists and Social Workers.

Their eye opening hands-on and explicit interactive presentation provided the tools to develop a clear understanding of executive functions and how they affect classroom behavior and academic success. They re-awakened the “Joy of Learning” and the ability of all attendees to go forth with new skills, and tools and immediately implement them in their respective departments. Sharing specific strategies and tools to support students with disabilities that exhibit executive function difficulties and teachers time management has resulted in positive documented results.

Educators have always risen above new challenges as they continue to explore every option or tool to aide them in the success of their students.

Orange County Public Schools Supplemental Services and I continue to collaborate with Roberta & Val for new trainings and a bright future.”

Lynn Berger, Exceptional Education Teacher, Orange County Public Schools, Supplemental Services, Orlando, Florida

“Val and Roberta’s Executive Functioning Workshop provided engaging hands-on professional development to a variety of role groups to meet the needs of general education students as well as students with disabilities. They collaborated with my team to tailor each workshop to meet the unique needs of each role group, e.g., parents, paraprofessionals, administrators, secondary and elementary teachers. Although it did require additional planning and preparation of materials, we found it to be time well spent as each role group left with a better understanding of strategies that they could immediately put into practice. We consider Val and Roberta to be our partners in building capacity of EF skills. Years after their initial workshop, they have continued to collaborate with our team through zoom and emails to follow-up on our implementation and to assist with any questions we have regarding developing executive functioning skills. Our schools embraced the use of their book The Executive Function Guidebook (Strategies to Help All Students Achieve Success) and have seen the benefits that executive functioning strategies have had upon their student outcomes.”

Ravae Todd, Autism District Educational Specialist – South Hawaii Regional Office, Keaau, Hawaii